Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transcribe Me

For those of you who are looking for typing work, Transcribe Me! may be for you.


This job is flexible.  You can work any time of the day or night.

This job requires no experience or equipment. Most other transcription jobs require special foot pedals and headsets along with transcription experience, but Transcribe me does not.

What you do need is a high speed internet connection and Google Chrome.

The pay is $20 per audio hour.  Remember it takes you longer than an hour to transcribe an hour of audio.  For me, it takes me at least four times as long.  You are paid through Paypal and can cashout when you like.

How to get started  You must fill out an application and then take an assessment.  Be sure to read the style guide first so that you transcribe the way they ask for it to be done.

Here are the links to find out more and to apply!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sell Handmade Arts and Crafts Online

I remember a time when my crafty friends could only make money from their talents when they attended local craft fairs and flea markets.  Now thanks to the internet and the clever people who come up with website ideas, artsy people can earn money all the time.  Me?  I'm not so skilled in this area, but I love to buy items from people who are!

7 Top Notch Places to Sell Your Handmade Arts & Crafts Online

Etsy- Most people already know about Etsy but I couldn't create this post and not mention them.  Etsy is my go to place when I need Skylander party favors, panda bear headbands, or any other hard to find but necessary item needed for birthday parties and school projects.  There are fees with Etsy.  You pay .20 cents to list your item and then once it sells Etsy takes 3.5%.  The site is easy to use and very popular.  

Artfire- Here you can sell art, crafts, and a myriad of other items in your own online store.  They charge you $12.95 per month to start.  There are no additional fees.

iCraftGifts- iCraft is a place to buy and sell handmade items.  Sellers can use iCraft for as little as $5 a month (or as much as $15).  No commission or listing fees.  

FREE Jewelry Wonder- This site is free with no fees whatsoever.  You can import your Ebay stores to this one and anything you list to sell is also shown on Google Product Search.  This is not only for handmade jewelry and craft items.  It appears you can sell almost anything on this site, much like Ebay.

Made it Myself- This site is a true craft site.  You can find just about any handmade item here.  They take a 3% commission fee.  No other costs to sellers.

Goodsmiths- Great handmade site for crafters and artists.  They have different packages for sellers.  There is a free one that allows you to list 25 products at a time.  If you wish to list more than 25 you can pay a monthly fee.  They also take a 2.5% commission.

Zibbet- You can open an online shop here for free. (But they do have other packages that have costs per month).

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Become an Alexa Ranking Master

I remember when I used to just blog.  I just signed on here and posted jobs.  That was all I did.  Of course, I don't think anyone was reading what I wrote back then....

Now I create backlinks, participate in blogging tribes, post on social media, write articles, and a billion other things in order to promote my blog and increase its rankings.

Almost six months ago I started working on this blog's Alexa ranking.  I posted about this here.  My numbers have improved significantly since then but I feel like I have plateaued and have been staying right around 30K (US) for a long time now.

As as I was browsing through some blogs the other day on Triberr I came across My 10 Step Strategy for Getting 1000+ Views on Every Post. How could I resist reading that one?

One of the steps listed was to get involved with a website called Yakezie. So, I headed over there when I finished reading.  The first thing I noticed was the tagline, "Selflessly Helping Others."  That's right up my alley.  I love helping people by promoting them, advising them, and getting them jobs. Giving is its own reward.  So, I thought to myself, "These must be my people."

I started reading about how to get involved.  Well, there is no simple sign up.  You have to go through a sort of warrior's training.  You need to prove your worth.  You must become a master.

How do you do that, you ask? By taking Yakezie's Alexa Challenge. You have to do it for 6 months.  This involves many of the same things I already did and wrote about back in April:

1) Installing the Alexa Toolbar (check)

2) Posting 2-4 times per week for the entire 6 months (check)

3) Adding the Yakezie Challenge Badge (mine is in the footer)

4) Announcing on your blog that you are participating (as I am doing now)

5) Selflessly promoting others and building relationships

6) Introducing yourself in the Yakezie forums

7) Announcing in 6 months how far you have come.

Now on this blog written by a Yakezie Samarai, it states that when you break 200K on Alexa people take notice of you. You are offered reviews, jobs, guest posting ops, and money from advertisers. He even says you'll get attention from the opposite sex LOL.  I am under 200K and while I may have been offered a few more opportunities (more on my parenting blog than here to do product reviews and such), nobody has yet showered me with money or love.

I am in different blogging groups where we promote one another and when I see a work at home mom, a home business owner I admire, or even just a really cool blog or article I share it with the world however I can.  I assume though that Yakezie is hoping that we will share other Yakezie members' work.  I went over to the forums and some people have links in their signatures so I checked them out and shared them if they were relevant to my readers but there did not seem to be an organized way of sharing work with one another there.  However, the Yakezie Samarais' and Blackbelts' work can be found on the main pages of their site and this can be easily shared.  They have two categories: Money and Lifestyle.

I have pages and pages that I have pinned and saved for later on how to get my Alexa score down.  I am usually overwhelmed by it with all the other things to do.  I have actual jobs I do, plus all the promoting, plus creating content for the sites and researching jobs, it's a lot.  I have decided for this challenge what I will do is one new item to improve my ranking each week.  That's about 24 efforts I will make at improving my Alexa in addition to the consistent posting and sharing.  I will let you know what works (and what doesn't).

If you'd be interested in doing this along with me, leave a comment.  I can write out the weekly task here or we can create an email list where I will send out the weekly task and we can promote each other's work.  If your Alexa score is really high like mine used to be read my post on how I lowered it in less than 30 Days.  I went from 2.3 million to 145K with just doing the simple steps I talk about there.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money For the Holidays {From Home!}

*This post contains affiliate and referral links.  If you were to use these links to join the programs, I may be compensated. The opinions expressed are my own and I am truly a user of these programs.

I know nobody wants to hear this but the holidays are going to be here before we know it.  Personally, I have a big family and I always spend more than what I budgeted for.  I am also not the kind of mom that gets her kids gifts unless it is a holiday or birthday so I really try to get them a lot of what they want (and need) for Christmas.  

There were a few years where we charged Christmas and it was terrible.  We found it would take us the entire year to pay off the Christmas debt.  We decided to stop charging and instead we started a holiday account at the credit union. Sadly though, something would always come up where we would wind up needing to use that money for something else like a broken car, medical bills, or home repairs.  That's when I started doing what I often refer to on this site as "little jobs" or extra money gigs.

Most of these are websites that pay you to take surveys, complete offers, or even watch commercials.  Some pay you to click on links in your emails.  There are even some that pay you to do little tasks like data entry or web searches.  You make little bits of money here and there.  If you do this for a few months for about 30-60 minutes every day you can have a nice chunk of change for holiday shopping.  If I have a choice about when to cash out I won't take my money until I am ready to do my Christmas shopping.  Some of these sites pay you in gift cards and that works for me, too.  I use the gift cards to shop or just give them as a gifts.

I am not claiming that these sites are work at home "jobs."  They are just ways to earn a little extra on the side.  They are great if you already have a job because you can live on your salary and use this for the extras. (For me I usually cash out twice- vacation time and holiday time). I often will work on these little jobs while my call center work is slow or when I need to take a break from writing for a little while because I am stuck. 

Remember that you can also shop through a lot of these sites.  Try to keep that in mind if you are going to be doing any shopping online because you will get cash back when you shop this way.   If you don't find your store in one program, check another, or sign up with Mr. Rebates!

Here are some of the places I have cashed out with through the years when it came time to shop for the holidays!

ZoomBucks- I have been with Zoombucks for a very long time.  Sometimes I forget about them, but they have never deactivated me and I still earn from any referrals I have.  It is your typical complete offers and surveys site.

My Points- With My Points you earn points that you can trade in for gift cards.  They have games you can play to win points and prizes. You can also shop through their site and take surveys for points. Mainly what I do with them is just click on the emails they send me.  You get emails almost every day and if you click the link inside you get points and these add up quick. I always get a few gift cards for the holidays this way and when I use them I often do it through the My Points site to get more points back for next year!

SwagBucks- Swagbucks it very similar to My Points.  One thing they do differently is have secret Swag Codes almost every day.  If you follow them on twitter or check their blog you can find out the code and trade it in for points or "swagbucks" as they call them.  They also have videos you can watch on the site and games to play.  You can shop through Swagbucks as well.  Also, if you sign up with them and you need to do a web search, try using their search engine.  It will randomly award you points sometimes when you do and every now and then  you get really lucky and hit the swagbucks jackpot!

Treasure Trooper-I have always loved Treasure Trooper.  I have been with them for a really long time, almost since they started.  Like Zoom Bucks, even when I forget about them they never deactivate me and I keep earning.  I loved the Atari game Pitfall when I was a kid and this site reminds me of that.  It has an Indiana Jones theme to it.  You play games, complete offers, can do cash calls (calling companies to ask about products), do small tasks, and take surveys.  I don't like taking surveys on that site, personally, but I do a lot of the other things.  You can even raise virtual dragons on that site and trade in things you get from them for other treasure items.  For example, pearls are one item you sometimes get if you find them in hunts or after you complete an offer.  When you have 8 pearls you can trade them in for two referrals.  You can trade dragon scales for other items that can be traded for gold coins.  Enough gold coins can sometimes be traded for iPods or Xboxes.  This site really knows how to make things fun and exciting and that is why I have stayed with them. 

Quick Rewards- Quick Rewards has everything SwagBucks has without the flair.  It looks and feels very generic but offers you the same opportunities to earn.  What I like about them is that they pay in cash and they have no minimum so you can get paid fast!

My Survey- This has always been my favorite survey site.  They don't have junk surveys and often they will send you free products to test out. They pay in points that have to be traded in for rewards but those rewards can be gift cards and even money into your paypal account.

Fusion Cash- Fusion Cash has also been around forever and is one of the more generic sites.  It pays well and has a good referral program.

E Poll- I have to admit that it takes me some time to earn enough to cash out with this one.  I often forget about taking the surveys for them.  However, I have a relative that really cleans up with E Poll so it can be done.  It may depend on your demographics.

Send Earnings- They start you off with $5 just for signing up.  You get paid to read emails, play games, and take surveys.

Inbox Dollars- Inbox Dollars offers the opportunity to earn in all the ways the other sites do.  However, I usually just do the paid emails with them and it adds up well over the course of a year.

Cash Crate-You need $20 to cash out with this one but it is very easy to make the $20.  They have some offers I don't see on the others, like ordering a free laundry detergent sample and getting paid .70.  They also have the users post up their checks so that you can see the payment proof.  When you visit the site go to the FAQ's and click Payment Wall to check it out.

M Turk- With M Turk you can cash out any time.  There are tasks such as data entry, getting information from shopping receipts, and doing web searches.  The tasks can pay as low as .02 for a 5 or 6 minute task.  I don't use M Turk anymore but I have in the past and made about $100 from it over about a 3 or 4 month period.  I know others who use it all the time.  I think it just depends on whether you like this kind of work and how fast you are. 

JingIt- I mainly just watch commercials and videos on here and make .50- $1.00 a day when I use it.  It's easy!

QMee- This is something you install in your browser.  I was really hesitant to do it for a long time but I kept being reassured by others that it was safe so I gave it a try.  When you go to certain websites a little add will show up from Qmee and if you click on it you'll earn a few cents.  They let you cash out any time with no minimum requirement. Again, if you are doing this all year or at least for several months it can add up for you along with all your other programs.

Fiverr- I have also done work on Fiverr and waited until the holiday season to cash out.  On Fiverr you decide what you will offer for $5.00.  I used to do forum posts and help people find work at home jobs and I never had a shortage of work.  If you browse the site you will see what other people are doing for $5 and you may get inspired.

Post Loop- If you like the idea of forum posting, you can also do this for Post Loop. They pay you in points.  20 points is equal to $1.  Once you have 100 points, or $5, you can cash out.  I put a lot of thought and research into it when I post on forums, probably more than I should.  That being said, I can usually make $5 in about 5 or 6 hours of work.  I think for other people it would take half the time and I am just slow! 

Website Testing is another good way to earn extra money.  The only issue is that sometimes they give you work and sometimes they don't so there are no guarantees you'll be able to make money with them.  However, the pay for this is much better than any of the others mentioned here.  These tests usually pay $10-$15 per test and take about 15 minutes.

Using Your Cell Phone- You might also like to learn about mobile apps that can earn you extra money. 

Too Much?

I know this is a long list. I don't pay attention to all of these programs every day.  When I think of them or they send me a survey or paid email, I'll do it.  If one program is going really well because I have a lot of active referrals or they are paying higher than the others then I will concentrate more on that program.  If I sign up for a program and it rubs me the wrong way because the offers don't approve, the surveys are junkie, or I just don't like it then I let it go and spend my time elsewhere.

Sometimes it is hard to do these little things for small amounts of money.  You might wonder what you are working for. Remember I only cash out once or twice a year.  When I put just a little time into a program each day (20-40 minutes)  I can usually make at least $20 a month, sometimes more.

If you decide to sign up for any of these programs or other similar ones that you may find online, here are some quick tips:

*Create a separate email address and use it for this work.  You'll be asked to "complete offers" which means signing up for newsletters, doing surveys, or entering an email address for some other reason.  You'll be spammed as a result.  If you use a separate email this is not a problem.

*Do the things you like to do and skip what you don't.  None of these programs pays you enough to be miserable or frustrated.  Just do the things you enjoy and that are easy.

*Some programs have "Paid Offers" in addition to free offers.  Don't do paid offers unless it happens to be something you were going to do anyway.  A lot of times they will say that if you sign up for a program that is $4.99 a month they will pay you $10.  You are allowed to cancel after 3 weeks.  That sounds great but unless you are sure you will remember to cancel, have read all the fine print, and are certain the company is going to make it easy for you to drop out, don't bother!  That being said, if they are offering you $35 to sign up with Netflix and you were going to do this anyway, then why not get paid for it?  Personally, I do not even look at the paid offers category on any site.  However, if I am going to buy something online, I sometimes look through my programs and see if any of them have this as an offer or a cashback shopping option.

*Sometimes offers don't approve and sometimes surveys will ask you questions for 20 minutes and then tell you that you don't qualify.  It happens.  It does not happen a lot but it does occur.  I only take surveys from sites that are exclusively surveys now.  I don't do the surveys on offer sites.  I also do not do offers that take a lot of time or effort because if something goes wrong and I don't get credited I won't be upset.  I just go and do the offer again on another site.  None of these programs are perfect, but when I have $500-$800 of what I feel is "found money" to shop with in December, I am happy.

I am going to be posting many more ideas for extra holiday money between now and December!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

How To Make Extra Money Driving

Free Digital Photos

Back when I started writing about work at home jobs in 2006, there were tons of companies that were willing to pay you to drive around with advertisements on your car.  There are less companies that are doing this now, but the opportunities still exist.

How it usually works is that you agree to drive a certain number of miles each month or week.  Companies normally look for people who have newer model cars and a good driving record.  They wrap your car in an ad wrap which is supposed to not cause any damage to your vehicle.  You then drive as you normally do and get paid anywhere from (typically) $300-$500 per month.

It might be a little embarrassing to drive around with advertisements on your car, but it's easy money!

Here are some companies you can apply with to do this:

Free Car Media

Ad Wraps (in the UK only)

Ads 2 Go

Ads To Go (Canada)


Free Gas Help- They don't pay in cash, they give you free gas if you drive over 1000 miles per month.

There are some car wrap companies that are scams.  How the scam typically works is that the company pays you in advance more than what was agreed upon. They then ask you to cash the check and send them the excess money (or send the money to the person who is supposed to wrap your car).  The check will bounce a few days afterwards and you will be the one paying the price for that.  There is more information on this here.  Basically, if you are ever asked to send money to anyone don't do it!  These scammers usually say they have big time partners like Coca Cola and that is usually the first thing you will see in their ads.

Despite the scams, there are real companies that do pay you drive around advertising.  There even used to be companies that supplied you with the car but I have not found any of those lately.  This can be a good way to make that extra money for holidays and vacations.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

ETS Hiring Home Based Test Scorers

ETS is currently hiring people to work from home to score various tests and assessments.  Most of these tests are more high end than the ones they ask you to score at Write Score. At ETS they need people to score the GRE, Licensure Exams, and more.  Many of these job require a BA.

All jobs require that your computer meet certain requirements.  You can verify this right on the site when applying for the positions.  Most tests require that you work certain shifts that fall somewhere in between 830am and 9pm EST. 

Unfortunately, I do not yet know the pay for any of these scorer positions.  I think that different tests pay different amounts depending on the amount of education and expertise you need for each job.

To view current openings and apply follow this link.
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