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Friday, April 18, 2014

Affiliate Marketing Part 2: Step by Step

Last time I wrote a blog called Affiliate Marketing: The Basics to give a basic understanding of what affiliate marketing is.  Now it's time to put that into action without all the explanation.

1) Create a website or blog.  If you already have one, you can skip this step.  If you do not have one, slap one together on Blogger, Wordpress, or Weebly for free.  Eventually, you will want to upgrade by buying a domain name and purchasing hosting, but free is okay for now.

 1a) If you are really against having a site, you'll want to at least create a free landing page to promote your products.  This way you can drive traffic to your page and on that page will be your affiliate link where you can close the deal and sell the product.

2) Sign up with a good affiliate program that you know pays.  Share a Sale, Commission Junction, and Clickbank are all good ones.  Others are listed on Affiliate Marketing Part 1.  You can also seek out specific products by Googling what you are looking for along with "affiliate program."

3) Know who you're talking to.  Decide who your audience is and what they like/want.  If you have a website in a specific niche like weight loss, parenting, or writing, this is easy.  If you are just a general blogger you might want to analyze your audience by using tools like Google Analytics.  You can also check Alexa.  See what your most popular posts are and look into your audience demographics.  Also, think about what you like and are interested in.  Chances are, your readers will probably be into it as well.

4) Choose a product or products based on your audience or website topic.  If you have no audience or website topic you might choose by how much it pays, create a landing page, and work backwards figuring out how to market it.

5) Place banners or text ads on your website.  Perhaps try the product yourself and write a good, honest review and include your affiliate link at the end.  Share your link on social media as well.  You can even include it on forums that are in your niche (assuming they do not have any rules against it).

   5a) Make sure you place the ads where they will be seen! Look at other successful affiliate marketers' sites and see where they place their ads.  The header is an ideal spot and should be saved for the best programs.  High up on the side bar and within blog posts and articles are good, too.

6) Be real.  Nobody likes a phony and nobody wants to be used.  So, be sure to not just bombard people with links.  Give them real information, talk to them, and tell them why you think they would like what you are selling.  Offer them more than just sales pitches.  Give them other information and conversation based around your niche.  Any sales person will tell you that sales is about building relationships.  You need to build them with your readers.

Now that you are set up, you could potentially start earning immediately!  Next time, we have to talk about how to get more traffic to your website, blog, or landing page.  It's a numbers game and the more traffic you have, the more sales you will make.

I almost forgot to remind you to
7) Be Honest.  Always have a disclaimer on your site that lets your readers know that you use affiliate links. Here are the FTC's guidelines.  When in doubt do more than you have to.  I do not think people begrudge anyone using affiliate links, so just be upfront about it.  For example, there are a couple affiliate links right in this article.  The purpose of the article was not to promote anything but since I have links for a couple of the things I mentioned I threw them in there.  As a webmaster or blogger, you put a ton of time and effort into writing, researching, promoting, and so much more.  You are entitled to get paid and your readers won't mind!
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Today for Pay it Forward Friday, I will be sharing, retweeting, and plus-oneing social media posts from other work-at-homies.  So, if I see someone sharing a referral link, their home business website, or their blog I'll be helping them to spread the word.  

What will you be doing today to help out a fellow telecommuter?

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Today's Work at Home Jobs

Customer Service Rep for Market Day

Reservation Sales Associate

Call Center Agents for Maritz Research

Corporate Travel Agent

Work at Home reservation Agent NY/NJ Area

Customer Sales and Service Agent for Airline

Quality Assurance Rep for Time Warner

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today's New, Current Work at Home Jobs Listings April 15, 2014

Appeals Specialist for Prudential 

Case Research Specialist for Xerox (entry level)

Freelance Gig: Phone Operator for Third Party Website

Freelance Gig: Facebook Marketer

ELance Gig: Logo Needed

Job: Customer Service for Everlane

Clinical Research Associate

Take surveys for Ipsos Survey Panel (US).  For Canada join here.

 Home Business Op: La Bella Baskets (listed on Monster.com as administrative assistant job)

Elance: Data Entry for contact list

TV Show Blogger

Writers, Bloggers, and Journalists for Hub Pages

Affiliate Marketing for Share a Sale

Rent Surveyor
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Monday, April 14, 2014

USA Contact Point

It appears to be your standard run of the mill work at home call center job.  I do not know anyone personally who works for them but I have read decent reviews online from agents who do. 

If you work for USA Contact Point, you are an independent contractor and must file a 1099.  You need high speed internet and a headset for your computer.  You also need a quiet work space.

The hours are flexible- you make your own schedule and they are open 24/7.  You'll be answering calls for US based companies taking orders and answering questions for customers.

The pay is a bit lower than most other call centers at .18 per minute of talk time.  From what I have read, the training is not too extensive.  In fact, a few have commented on how surprised they were that there was no wait to get started.

If you're ready to get started, here is the link to apply.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Newsletter Vs Email Subscriptions

If you have a blog, you might wonder which is better:

1) To have a way for your readers to subscribe to posts via email
2) To allow readers to subscribe to your newsletter so that you can send them exclusive deals and information not found on your website.

The answer is both!

Readers should subscribe to your blog so that they get an email with your new postings.  Otherwise, they might forget to visit you.  Subscribing does not bother your readers typically, because most services only email them once per day or less with all of your posts in that one email.  For this site, I use Feedburner to allow readers to stay updated with the latest work at home jobs and reviews that I post.

My readers can subscribe via Feedburner using the link in the right hand sidebar, or using the subscribe box I recently added to the bottom of my posts.  If you are looking at only one post it is included within the post.  If you are viewing my blog and there are lots of posts on the page, it is only in the last one.  Why?  I'm not sure.  Eventually I will figure it out!

If you haven't yet, you can subscribe to my posts via Feedburner by clicking here.  If I post on any given day, you'll get an email that day.  If I don't, you'll get nothing.

To reward your readers, you should also have a newsletter.  Then, when you find out about something really cool you can send out an email to all your newsletter subscribers to tell them about it.  You might also want to occasionally collect all your recent information into one place in case it was missed.  If you have a home business you can even offer exclusive price breaks to newsletter subscribers.

If you sell something, having a newsletter is selling to people who you already know are interested.  In sales terms, it's a warm lead rather than cold calling.  If you are just trying to gain more readership, thus selling yourself, this still works because by keeping in touch, making communication more personal, and offering your readers something special you will gain a more loyal base of fans that will support you.

I have a link to join my newsletter right above the Feedburner one in my right sidebar.  I also have a text link at the end of every post now.  This one does work on every post.  You can subscribe to my newsletter by clicking here.  My newsletter is very occasional, even rare.  Sometimes, for example, I decide to get together all the recent virtual assistant jobs or I'll put together a list of wholesale companies that you can sell for and I'll send that out via Mail Chimp.  I think in the summer when I have more time I will start sending my newsletter out more frequently.

By the way, Mail Chimp and Feedburner are free, of course.  I try to do just about everything for free if I can!

It might be confusing to readers to have two sign ups, but it does benefit you both to have them.

Why put the subscribe boxes in more than one place?  Well, if someone likes your blog and wants to subscribe, they will usually look for the subscribe box and find it if it over in a sidebar, a corner, or as a tiny icon near the comments.  However, if it has not occurred to someone to subscribe it helps to have the link placed more prominently at the end of a post.  Also, if someone is reading your posts via an RSS Feed that you put in Facebook or forwarded in an email, they won't see your entire page. It just covers all bases to put the links in more than one location, especially if you are still trying to develop a following. 

If you want to know how to add subscribe boxes or links to every blog post, I can help you out if you have a Blogger blog.  Here is how I did it:

  1. Go to Blogger and click on your blog's name.  
  2. Click on Template and  Edit HTML.   
  3. Click somewhere within that big bunch of code.
  4. Press Control and F
  5. Type div class='post footer' (put this in between the greater than and less than signs found next to the letter M)  into the search box that popped up in the upper right corner.
  6. Press Enter to find the second instance of div class="post-footer"
  7. Right before div class='post footer' input whatever you want to appear at the end of every post. This can be a code for a subscribe box or html to link to the page that readers can go to sign up.

If you have Wordpress there is a plugin called Bottom of Every Post that is probably infinitely more simple than coding yourself!
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Friday, April 11, 2014


I wanted to share a few ladies' links today for Pay It Forward Friday.

First we have Cyla's It Works! page.   I have mentioned It Works before, but in case you are unfamilar it is the company that has that awesome body wrap that helps you slim down.  They have other spa products as well.  Working as a rep for this company is fun and fulfilling.  Having the parties and using the products are great, too.  Be sure to check it out!

Next we have Sight and Sound Reading. Read this blog and use the system to teach your child to read for FREE!  The system was created by a teacher and her daughter writes the blog.

Finally, if you are an internet marketer, a blogger, or have your own home based business you should check out the blog Money to Be Made. Here you will find lots of great tips and trick on how to make money, increase traffic, and much more. 

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California Psychics

I have mentioned California Psychics before in this blog, but I recently received an email from them asking me to post the opportunity again. 

California Psychics has been around since 1995 and they are quite popular.  To work for them as a psychic you have to undergo a specialized interview process.

Obviously the requirement for this job is to be an experienced psychic who is able to give readings over the phone.  I know new contractors are qualified to earn a $500 bonus, but I am not sure how that works exactly.  I also do not know the exact rate of pay but many psychics make up to $1500 per week.  If you can work overnight hours, this is a huge plus.

Here is the link to the California Psychics website. 

And here is the link to apply.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Carlson Wagonlit Travel

I was just reading about Carlson Wagonlit Travel's Telecommuting Program. They allow any employee that is able to to work from home or the road.  Most of the jobs Carlson hires for are travel counselor jobs.  This entails acting as a concierge to travelers and keeping them as happy as possible.  Make the air, hotel, and ground travel arrangements, recommend activities, and answer any and all questions from clients.  You are also responsible to attend (albeit virtually) company meetings and trainings.

Here is the link to find out more about these positions and to apply.

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New Job Listing for April 9 &10 2014

Part Time Customer Service for Everlane

Patient Education Advocate (must be someone living with or caring for someone or otherwise extremely familiar with immunodeficiency- also this does require occasional travel)

Technical Consultant

Database Specialist

Banker (may be limited to TX- the ad says "this position is work from home and can be based on Texas)

Recruiter for Nationwide Careers (commission only)

Blogger for What to Wear Blogs 

Social Media Maintenance (to post about NYC)

Authors and Reviewers for Sharepoint

Internet Marketing Copywriter
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Take a Survey!

Just to satisfy my own curiosity (and for fun), I put together a quick one question survey to find out the primary reason people are deciding to work from home.  Please follow this link and check off your number one reason.  Share the poll with others via Facebook or Twitter!

Here is the link!

I have a guess as to the number one reason.  What do you think?
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Voice Log/ BSG

VoiceLog provides verification services for telephone and other companies looking to verify that sales are legitimate.  They hire operators to work from home and receive these calls.  Aside from operators they sometimes hire people to simply listen to calls played back to confirm sales.  Right now only the live operator job is listed on their site.

The pay for this work is $8.50 per hour.  You have the flexibility to choose shifts that are anywhere from 2-6 hours, taking place between 8am and midnight M-F and every other weekend.

The requirements are the same as with call center jobs.  You need a quiet office space, a dedicated phone line (meaning an additional line used only for work), basic computer knowledge, anti-virus software, and enough RAM.


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Verifications Researchers: Accurate Background

Accurate Background, Inc. is a company that provides background checks and data mainly for employment screening.  They hire work at home researchers to work four hours per day (any time as long as it is between 5am and 6pm), up to 25 hours per week.  They usually pay whatever the minimum wage is in your state.  They require a high school diploma and prefer call center and/or collections experience. 

Right now they are hiring in several states for work at home verifications researchers.  Here is the link to apply and find out more.


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Work at Home Jobs Now Hiring 4/7/14


Here are some work at home jobs I found listed today:

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Jobs in eLearning

Over the summer, I had some freelance work that required me to write about careers in e-learning.  I had never heard of this field before these assignments, but I was very excited to learn that most people who work in this arena are able to work from home.  I knew then that I was going to have to add this exciting vocation to the Work at Home Wisdom blog.

When we talk about e-learning, we are talking about people who create educational and training courses that are done on a computer.  Often, they contain interactive elements.  I learned about many of the tools available to e-learning specialists and they are all very impressive.  The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to the design and development of these courses.  I got very inspired myself to learn more, even if it was just for courses I could use to teach my own children.

So, what does it take to be an e-learning developer or designer?  Well, most have a four year college degree.  This is usually in education or instructional design but it doesn’t have to be. You also have to be skilled in technology especially the software that is most often used in elearning such as Articulate, Storyline, and Adobe’s e-Learning Solutions.

E-learning is a field that is growing rapidly.  From employee training, to elementary schools, to distance learning universities, more courses need to be built all the time.  As a result, the pay for these jobs is very good at about 80K per year.

In summary, work in E-learning offers flexibility, money, and the opportunity to be creative.  I think it is a top choice in work at home jobs.  If you are interested in getting into this field, I’d pursue an instructional design degree and invest in Articulate or Adobe eLearning to get to know the software.

Some great places to look for eLearning jobs are:

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Online Tutor Jobs

Working as a tutor continues to be a viable option for those looking to work remotely.  Most of these jobs require teaching experience.  They all require a college degree.

Here are some companies that are currently hiring.

Smart Thinking/ Pearsons- They hire part time tutors for high school and college level students. Masters degree preferred.

Tutor.com- They hire college sophomores or higher.  

Connections Academy- They hire many work at home employees.  Here is a video about online teaching with Connections.
Homework Tutoring- They hire tutors and teachers for online classes.
Study Works- SAT and ACT preparation.
Edu Wizards- Online tutoring for grade 9 through the GRE test.
For more educational related jobs check out my post for Scholars.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Job Listings for April 3, 2014

Here are some new work at home job listings for today:


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Review of Live Ops

I have worked on and off for Live Ops for years now.  It is one of the first work at home jobs I ever had!

When you work for Live Ops you are an independent contractor providing your call center services to them.  You must have a home office that is quiet (no background noise allowed), a phone with a cord and a noise canceling headset, a high speed internet connection, and you have to pay for your own background check (about $45).

Live Ops puts you through a nice online training course.  The training is user friendly and easy to understand.  It prepares you well for your work in every aspect.  I was not left with any confusion after completing Live Ops training.  The training is paid (or at least it was when I did it).

Most of what you do for Live Ops is answer calls for infomercials and other such companies.  The majority of your work is taking orders. All you have to do is answer the phone when it rings, read the script that appears on your computer WORD FOR WORD, and fill in any fields- such as name, addres, credit card, etc.  You also fill in the answers to any questions you ask the customer.  The script will sometimes change according to the answers.

The scripts are easy to read and there is a sidebar with FAQ's that basically give you the answer to any question the customer can possibly ask you.  If you still need help, you are logged into a chat while you work and a supervisor can help you that way.

Live Ops is completely flexible.  You can work any time- 24 hours a day.  You will get more calls if you are on the schedule (this is called "working committed") but you can log in and work even without being scheduled.  The schedule "rolls out" on Thursday mornings and often again on Fridays.  It is best to log in exactly when the schedule comes out in order to snag the hours you want, but you can log in and schedule yourself any time. The shifts you take are in half hour increments so you can really customize your schedule however you see fit.

You get paid per minute of talk time.  (Time actually spent on the phone). Usually about .25 per minute.  You also earn extra money for different things.  Sometimes selling more to a costumer will get you a bonus.  Sometimes certain product lines offer a bonus for every sale made.  When you do a good job, you get invited to do differnet kinds of work.  For example, you might be asked to be a sales specialist, an outbound caller, or a pizza order taker.  You can even move up and become a supervisor.

When I work for Live Ops, I typically make $10-$14 per hour.  I have made $16 but those have been rare and lucky days with lots of bonuses.  I have also made as low as $7 when I have logged in uncommitted (you get less calls when you are not on schedule) and during slow hours

I think working for Live Ops is a great way to make money from home.  I enjoy the job a lot.  I like the challenges and the motivation it brings when I can view my performance online.  I like the opportunities to earn more money and I love the flexibility it affords.

The downside?  Well, when you have kids and dogs, it can be challenging to keep things quiet!  Also, you have to be willing to talk on the phone and try to "sell" to people.  They are ordering something, but you will often have to try and get them to order additional items.  All you have to do is read the scrip word for word, but I know it bothers some people to be rejected by customers (or even anger them at times!).

Live Ops, and most call center jobs, are legitimate work at home opportunities that can allow you to make decent money from your own home.  They pay reliably and allow you to have many of the same benefits that you would have from a job outside the home.
More Call Center Jobs and Links to Apply Here.

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