Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Work at Home Jobs 7-21-2014

Virtual Campus Coordinator


Content Writer

Customer Care for Sutherland

Case Research Specialist for Xerox (entry level) 

Avon Reps

Java Programmers

Home Based Substitute Teacher

Software Tester

Marketing Assistants

Customer Service (Email Support)

Email and Live Chat Customer Support Job

Writers Needed for Short Articles

Monday, July 21, 2014

Work at Home Job Round Up!

Before I start firing out a ton of new work from home job listings, I thought I'd round up last week's jobs all in one place.  If you missed anything, it's all herded up here for you!

Student Services Manager for K12

Are you interested in dropshipping or wholesaling?  Here is my post about that including the master list of companies.

Delta Airlines (Dallas area)

Incident Response Analyst (IT Job)

Make Money When You Shop!

Social Media Manager

Workforce Solutions Consultant

Paid Surveys

Paid Blogging Opportunities

Freelance Travel Writer

Freelance Gaming Writer

Content Editor

Fashion Reporter

Customer Service for Asurion

Business Consultant

RN For Telephone Triage

5 Things to Look for in a Home Business

Outreach Coordinator


Appointment Setter

Certificate Programs for Higher Paying Work at Home Jobs

Volunteering Advisor

Virtual Assistant

Automotive Writer

Hasbro Needs Customer Service

Telephone Interviewer

Accountant/ Bookkeeper

Student Support Coodinator

RN Case Manager

25 Data Entry and Transcription Companies That Hire Work From Homies

Customer Service for Sykes

Online Survey Takers

e Learning Specialist

Mystery Shoppers

Senior Advocacy Adviser

Direct Interactions Hiring Again!

I posted some jobs from Direct Interactions last year and I decided to follow up with them today and see if they were still looking for agents.

Like last year, they are still hiring call center agents to handle calls from people asking questions about a parking meter system.  Some callers will have had their vehicle immobilized due to unpaid parking and will need your help in fixing this.  You need to remain calm and helpful throughout the calls.  Must be available to work a minimum of 30 hours per week M-F between the hours of 2pm and 6pm.  However, this is a 24/7 operation so you may have other hours as well. $9.35/hour for training, $10/hour once work starts.



The other position they are hiring for is support for fitness/wellness software.  You will not only be taking calls but also responding to emails.  Hours will be between 4pm and 2am.  $9.50 for first 90 days. $10/hour after 90 days.


Friday, July 18, 2014

Take Food Orders From Home

Integrated Ordering Systems is a company that takes calls for the food service industry.  They hire work at home employees to answer calls for them on a part time basis.  You must pass a test in order to be hired and have either customer service or food service experience.  You also must speak fluent English and have a quiet workspace.  Something else they require is that you be comfortable with upselling. If you do not know what upselling is, it is basically trying to get the customer to order something in addition to what they already ordered.  An example would be, "Would you like to add breadsticks today for just $4.99?"  "Would you like to become a member of our frequent eater club?  For just $14.99, you will receive a special card that we punch every time you order.  After 5 punches, your next meal is FREE!"  (I just made those examples up and any similarity to actual scripts or jargon is coincidental).

This job pays at least $10 per hour (you can make extra incentives).  The hours are 4-11 and the days they need covered most are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for at least 4 hours on each day.  They want people who can work 15-20 hours per week.

This job sounds great to me and I am sure to other homeschooling moms because it starts after school hours are finished!

Here is the website.  However, there is no link to apply there.  If you would like to apply, you can send your resume and a cover letter describing your experience and why you would be a good fit to this email address.  They will only respond if they currently need people and you meet their requirements.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#Accountant #Bookkeeper Wanted to #Workfromhome

Accounting Department.com is hiring for accountant/ bookkeepers to work from home doing accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and month end closings.  This job offers a 401K and paid time off but no medical benefits at this time.  Must have 3 years of bookkeeping experience to be considered.

Here is a video from their HR Department:



Flexible Telephone Interviewer Job for Extra Money

The Center for Client Retention hires part time telephone interviewers to conduct surveys from home.  This is an independent contractor position.

After you get through the applicaton process you have 2-3 days to complete the training. You then will be called when they have a project for you.  They will let you know what they need done and the hours that you have to get your calls done between.  If you are available to make the calls between those hours you accept the project.

Typically a project will consist of about 25 completed surveys within a week or so.  You get paid per completed survey.  It ranges from $10-$15 per survey and is based on your performance and on the project. 

There is not always work for you so this cannot be relied upon as a sole source of income, but it is good for extra money.  It says on their site that they require a Bachelor's Degree or higher.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

5 Things to Look for in a Home Business

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Investing in a home business is something many people do when they first decide to work from home.  Some people do this because they don't know about all the other opportunities there are outside of sales that do not require an investment.  Others just love the work, the parties, and the products!

If you are in the latter category and are considering starting a chain home business or buying into an MLM, here are five tips I have for you.  This is a sort of checklist I have made to decipher if I think a home business is good enough to be posted on this website. 

1) You have heard of it and they sell real products. Going with a well established company is almost always the better way to go.  There is less risk and you can find real success stories from others who bought into the company.  Also, make sure it is a business that sells real products and not a get rich quick system that gets rich off of taking the reps' money.

2) $200 or Less Investment. Never pay more than $200 for the startup kit and even $200 is pretty high.  Make sure you are getting enough sample products and tools to be worth the amount you are spending.  Pamphlets and a website are not worth $200, but jewelry, clothing, purses, and makeup very well may be.

3) No Monthly Charges. Don't get into a business that is going to drain you of money every month.  If you do you could potentially lose money, not once, but over and over again! 

4) No mandatory sales or downline standards.  Read the fine print in the terms. If it says you must make a certain amount of sales or have a certain amount of active referrals in order to get paid for your hard work then forget it.  If you make a sale you deserve pay. Period.  If there are a bunch of loopholes they can use to get out of paying you then that business is just a scam to get free labor out of its reps.

5) Commission should be 20% or higher.  You are worth at least 20% commission.  I think you are worth more than this.  Don't settle for peanuts.  

The good companies meet all these criteria so don't waste your time with anyone who does not fit the bill!

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